Reason Why Marketing Analytics is Important for Career Growth

Marketing Analytics is the key to survive in the evolutional era of digital marketing. As marketers, having someone in staff that can measure and analyze the regular marketing activities is extremely important for overall business growth. Social media presence is one of the key factors that determine your growth in the world of Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram, since there are the major platforms that regulate your progression on social media.

The art of measuring and optimizing your marketing activities is termed as Marketing Analytics. In a broader perspective, every business module requires a person or a team to optimize their regular activities across all social media platforms depending upon their reach and requirement. There are many organizations that focus only on a website’s performance, rather there has to be a constant check on how marketing campaigns are performing. Marketing analytics goes beyond the performance of on-site SEO and leans on other marketing tools like off-site metrics. 

Optimizing your on-site performance using Google Analytics or Omniture works just fine, but these tools do not optimize beyond that. On-site optimization is one, but focusing on how your campaigns are performing across all the platforms is another important aspect that determines your growth on digital media. The overall campaign performance does not depend upon its reach, but on the number of conversions or leads that the campaign has generated in its tenure.

Marketing analytics helps us invest our time, money and human resource smartly. It helps an organization prioritize its expenses and resources as per the market demand and present-day requirement.

How Marketing Analytics and Web Analytics go hand in hand?
Both marketing analytics and web analytics work simultaneously. You can’t grow your business online ignoring any of these. While marketing is essential for running successful campaigns and getting new leads, we also recommend keeping a close check on your web analytics as they are equally important. We strongly believe it’s the combination of both marketing and web analytics that makes an online business grow successfully.

Your on-site and off-site performance both determines the quality and reach of the website. Rather than focusing only on the conversions, there should a holistic approach to help the organization understand how they are performing in each sector and what can help them grow.

Learn Marketing Analytics using R
R is a statistical language used in the field of marketing to facilitate the process and achieve exceptional marketing optimization results. R is a global phenomenon, which offers great features like flexibility and extensibility.  R is one of those rare tools, which constantly modifies its features to meet the sprouting needs of the universal economy.  R scripts are effortlessly automated. R programming language is specifically used for data analysis by any organization.

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